How to build a heart blog tour- review


One young woman’s journey to find her place in the world as the carefully separated strands of her life — family, money, school, and love — begin to overlap and tangle.

All sixteen-year-old Izzy Crawford wants is to feel like she really belongs somewhere. Her father, a marine, died in Iraq six years ago, and Izzy’s moved to a new town nearly every year since, far from the help of her extended family in North Carolina and Puerto Rico. When Izzy’s hardworking mom moves their small family to Virginia, all her dreams start clicking into place. She likes her new school—even if Izzy is careful to keep her scholarship-student status hidden from her well-to-do classmates and her new athletic and popular boyfriend. And best of all: Izzy’s family has been selected by Habitat for Humanity to build and move into a brand-new house. Izzy is this close to the community and permanence she’s been searching for, until all the secret pieces of her life begin to collide.

How to Build a Heart is the story of Izzy’s journey to find her place in the world and her discovery that the choices we make and the people we love ultimately define us and bring us home.

My review

3 ½

This book is not what I was expecting it be, I thought it was going to be a romance instead what I got a was a book about family, friendship and finding where you belong.

 Izzy is still dealing with the death of her father a marine who died 6 years ago, his death shattered her family leaving a hole in it. After moving from place to place they finally settle in Virginia where Izzy attends a girls only catholic school on scholarship. When her family is picked to be part of homes for humanity things are finally looking up for her she can finally move out of the crappy trailer she lives in and have a real home but all the carefully construct lies she’s build up around her started to crumble and both her worlds are about to collide even as she tries to keep them apart.

While I enjoyed this book I didn’t 100% love it.


What I liked


. I loved all the characters and how realistic they were, (Izzy’s mom Mami is my favorite).

Izzy’s mom  is strong and loving and caring, she loves her two kids and will do anything for them. Jack Izzy’s younger brother  is just adorable and hype and you can’t help but love him. Her cousin mark, who she calls devils spawn, despite his nickname and his troubled past he is nothing but kind to her, (and one of the only family members from her father’s side that  takes an interest in knowing her.) he even helps her family build their house. Sam who is just really sweet and his sister Aubrey as awkward as she is (she grew on me.)

The only two characters I didn’t like were Roz and izzy, (I’ll explain later.)

. I love the diversity in it Izzy is half  Puerto Rican (her father is white and her mother is  Puerto Rican).

.I liked that it was about habitat for humanity I liked hearing about what they did for people and how they helped people.


What I didn’t like

. izzy and Roz. I’ll start with izzy.


I felt like Izzy was a bit of a brat she get’s this amazing opportunity to build a new house with habitat for humanity and she throws a fit because she doesn’t want people knowing she poor and lives in a trailer park, she could have ruined the whole thing and lost them the house because she was too busy focusing on her image. She has this web of lies that she’s build around herself and all these excuses because she ashamed she’s poor. She’s also not a very good friend she doesn’t tell her best friend Roz that she knows Sam (Roz’s crush.) she lies to Roz at times and refuses to introduce her to any of her friends.

I understand where Izzy was coming from and at first I liked her character but the further I got into the book the more I started to dislike her.


 Roz is such a tragic character she lives with her drunk mother and her mother’s boyfriend who is a piece of work, he’s a angry drunk and always threatens Roz. I feel like She’s is just trying to do anything to survive at this point keep her head down when she’s home, deal with the problems as they come and try not to end up in foster care.

She complains a lot about the rich people on the other side of town, people who Izzy eventually becomes friends with. She spy’s on her crush Sam by sneaking into his backyard. Makes fun of one of the things Izzy really loves VC (I couldn’t tell if this was teasing or her just being mean). I felt like her character had a lot of anger to her and sometimes she let that anger out in the wrong way, like throwing a rock at Izzy and Sam when they kiss for the first time.


Maria padian tackles a lot of hard issues in this book and I felt like she tackled them very well. I’m giving how to break a heart  3 ½ stars not because it was a okay book, it was a really well written book with so many interesting  characters. It was fast paced, character driven and filled with drama. The plot was really intresting and I did really enjoy it , I just had a hard time connecting with this one on a personal level. If you have the time to pick it up I do highly recommend it.


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