Virtual conventions

With convention season being postponed and canceled in some cases virtual conventions have started popping up on the internet. Last month emerald city comic con had an online artist ally put together by some of the artist who would have attended the event. and this month daughters of darkness hosted a whole convention over the weekend online and it was amazing.

I found daughters of darkness though a few of the online shops I follow and when their online convention popped up I was intrigued. Daughters of darkness is convention celebrating women and darkness and witches it usually takes place in Salem Massachusetts, if it hadn’t been online I would have never been able to attend.

How did this all work? On their website they posted a list of vendors and links to their shops so you could scroll down and click the link to look at the shops, it was almost like going booth to booth in a convention. A few of the vendors offered specials like free shipping or limited edition items, some had deals for the weekend. It you browsed #virtualdodfest on instagram you could also find the vendors.

There website also had a small schedule of panels you could watch over the weekend though facebook, Instagram and zoom. They even had a yoga class! They had blog posts on their website you could read including a series call seven baddass women of Salem I love history so I though these post were really interesting .

It was small but I thought the girls in charge of it did an amazing job with what they were given and I would love to one day attended this event in person, (Salem is also on my bucket list to visit).

Other online convention and festivals that are coming up are.

Yallstayhome the online version of yallwest and wondercon online though the convention has been postponed and will probably be happening at later time in the year you can still go though there vender hall online.

Are you guys planning on attending any online event, conventions or festivals?

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